about printworks

Printworks is a decisive owned and operated business, serving Tacloban City since 2015. We are assertive in providing a wide range of services. Services for small businesses, organizations, and individuals. Also, we aim to serve all the printing needs of each individual or company. We work as a one-stop-shop for all the marketing materials needed.
Consist of a goal-oriented, opinionated and purposeful team. A team of graphic designers and print experts. Also, we ensure high-quality products and excellent customer service while offering affordable prices.
Whether it is making copies, business cards, ID cards, custom flyers. Putting together a program or booklet, computer rentals, graphic designing, and tarpaulin printing. We have the experience, equipment, and people to get the job done. Besides, we specialize in providing quality personal attention to each project.


Printworks offers a wide range of products and services. Including, printing, graphic design, photocopy, computer rental and more. We lead the way in providing the best products and services in the city. Quality matters to Printwork and they always ensure customers achieve what they demand.


Printworks is knowledgeable in the field of their business, As an expert, they know what is right. We don’t allow our customers to take the risk of deciding. Decisions are vital to business and one mistake may lead to confusion. In other words, we take control of the customer’s decision to help them avoid mistakes.


As a goal-oriented business, Customer satisfaction has a big role in their business. Our primary goal is to ensure customers are pleased with their work result.


Printworks is one of the experienced businesses in the city. Printworks is confident in its products and services. There are many similar businesses. However, we differentiate our selves by the devotion and quality of their work. Therefore, these values are the reason why we have the authority to guide our customers

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