Invitation Card


Invitation Card


We will print your invitation card right away!

  • 100 cards
  • 5 x 7 in (standard dimension)
  • Front or Back print or you decide
  • Gloss or Matte

Send us the design thru our email after the purchase.

Note : Purchase must 1-2 week to get your dates on calendar!



A beautiful invitation card is a medium to express gratitude towards a person or group. It is printed on a paper which carries words related to the events. It excites the guest to come to attend the event or occasion.
The history of it began in ancient England. Noble families would commission some artists to create their cards. They commissioned them to handcraft their invitation cards for a wedding.
Invitation card is relevant up to this date.
There’s a lot of reason why invitation card are still used and why it’s important.
Inviting someone through invitation card is formal and elegant. It makes the guests feel special. Also, they will appreciate the effort you exert creating invitation cards.
Physical invitation creates privacy, it prevents you from inviting unwanted guests. When you invite someone by posting online, there’s a huge chance everyone can see it.
There’s no problem inviting someone through the internet. But if you like to invite someone face to face. Printworks can help you.
Printworks has been printing quality invitation cards. We print for birthdays, weddings, anniversary, meeting, party and a lot more!
We offer different sizes ranges from:
  • 3R
  • 4R
  • Wallet Size
And also, you can choose the material
  • Photo Paper
  • Vellum Board
  • Specialty Paper
If you have a question and concerns, You can contact or visit the F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Question) page.

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5 x 7 in




Gloss or Matte


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