Sticker (Indoor)


Sticker (Indoor)


We will print your sticker right away!

  • 1 piece for ₱30(minimum volume)
  • A4 (standard dimension)
  • Photo Paper

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Indoor sticker printing becoming popular with everyone. But what is a sticker, and why it is relevant?
Sticker is an adhesive label that is used for decorating a flat surface. In other terms, a sticker is a paper with a sticky back that you can paste anywhere. It may vary in different shapes or sizes and also in design.

Sticker is suitable for both personal and business.

Stickers are excellent for business. Some business uses it as a marketing tool. They sometimes put stickers on their windows, or in the store to promote a certain product. Also, they used it for packagings, like the one you see in the fruits, homemade delicacies and a lot more.
But in common use, stickers are often used in personal. You’ll see it on the back of the laptop, guitars, lockers, doors, bicycles frame, walls and so on.
Its also distributed as a part of promotional, and political campaigns.
Printworks offer Indoor Sticker printing which is good for everyday use.
Send your desired images and we will print it right away!
Our standard size is A4, and we will make sure we use high-quality photo sticker for your stickers.
For more questions and concern about sticker printing, you can contact or visit our F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Question) page.

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Glossy Paper, Matte Paper


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